Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stop Spiritual Abuse!

Stop Spiritual Abuse!

Are you serving God sincerely but receiving cruel treatment from your church leader? If you think that your church leader uses "divine authority" to control, manipulate, or dominate you then you might be a victim of spiritual abuse.

What is Spiritual Abuse?

Spiritual abuse happens when a spouse or a person in religious authority misleads you in the name of God, and then attempts to control your mind and faith once more in the name of God or the church.The perpetuator of spiritual abuse takes advantage of your spirituality by using his/her religious position and puts you in a state of dependence to his/her authority before you make any decision. The abuse will continue until you feel that you cannot do anything on your own without your spiritual leader's help and involvement. The abusive process will make you indecisive and can later lead you to question your faith in God.Spiritual abuse can take place inside your home or in the church.

Remember: God or His teaching is not responsible for the spiritual abuse; it's the person who misleads you in the name of God.

Be Free from Spiritual AbuseFree your mind and feelings from the control of spiritual abusers. Start by realizing that you can decide for your own spirituality. You are able to make decisions concerning what is good and what is bad for yourself.You can realize God by understanding first His nature as a loving God. You can understand the basics of faith: faith is to trust in God and to know the truth of God.Don't let your fate and spirituality suffer in the hands of an abuser. Be free.

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